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A couple of tips for the summer time

• your washer fluid is always full
• windshield wipers are in good shape
• tires are always properly inflated and in good shape
• have your car waxed and detailed to protect from the UV rays
• make sure you have your jumper cables readily available
• protect your investment, a clean car is a happy car

A couple of tips for the winter time

• Have your snow tires inspected and installed at the end of October
Xbefore that early snow storm we always get
• Install new wiper blades if necessary, possibly winter blades
• Have suspension and brakes checked before the frost heaves get to big
• Make sure your ice scrapper is in an accessible place
• Have you have blanket and extra supplies in the trunk, in case of break down
• Make sure your washer fluid doesn't have bug be gone fluid in it, it will freeze!

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With our Spies Hecker Permacron paint mixing system
we can custom match anything you can think of…

Helmet to Snowmobile
Snowmobile to Trailer
Trailer to Truck
and much more.

Whether it’s just a coat of wax or
major collision repair call

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